Thursday, 23 February 2017

Making sense of my wardrobe - The Challenge

I've always considered myself as someone who knows exactly what they want and how they want to dress, but at some point I think I got a little lost. I have tons of clothes yet I feel like I never have anything nice to wear or my clothes aren't easy to mix and match. Getting dressed in the mornings was getting really frustrating and time consuming and time after time I found myself going for the same outfits. I had to do something!

This was my first outfit when I started the challenge. The vest and skirt are thrifted, the blouse is from H&M.

A little while ago I came across Hilary Rushford's 3 steps to simplified style -video series where she was walking you through on how to make sense of your wardrobe. Unfortunately the video series doesn't seem to be available anymore, but essentially the idea was to only wear each piece of clothing only once until you have nothing left to wear. At first you might opt for those favorite combinations, but once you've worn those you have to get a little more inventive with your choices. I did this for about a month, but I eventually had to stop, because I was running out of winter clothes and only had summer dresses and skirt left - and those aren't so great in -10 degrees Celsius! :D

I think even these few weeks of experimenting helped me find some clarity in my style rut. I re-discovered some clothes I haven't worn in a while, came up with new combinations and finally found the determination to get rid of some stuff I sort of like, but never seem to wear. I also feel much more strongly about the colors that I want to have i my wardrobe and and the colors that really don't work for me.

I of course tried to document as much as I could, but sometimes I had days when I just opted for jeans and a sweater, because I just wasn't in the mood for dressing up. 

So here are some of the outfits from along the way:

The skirt is made by me, and while it fits nicely and looks nice, the color is just not me. I really don't feel like myself wearing anything light grey, so I decided to let skirt go. Blouse is thrifted and sweater made by me.

I hadn't worn this 60's merino sweater in a long time, until I tried it on with skinny jeans - totally works!

This kind of green is one of my favorite colors and one of the best for my complexion. This time I paired it with cognac and burnt orange instead of my usual black. Dress made by me.

This is one of my go-to-outfits, I always seem to pair this skirt with something red. Skirt made by me, cardigan thrifted.

I haven't worn this skirt much, because I find the color hard to pair, but it seems to work just fine with this pale yellow blouse. Blouse thrifted, skirt made by me.

Another one of my go-to outfits: me-made 50s repro sweater paired with a black thrifted skirt.

This dress I made after a 30s sewing pattern for a vintage fair where I was as a vendor. I really like the dark brown color.

My first pink skirt! This thrifted Anne Klein tweed skirt is so warm and the color seems to work nicely with dark green. All pieces are thrifted.

The sweater on top is made by me, but it's so hot I rarely get the chance to wear it. The sweater on the bottom is thrifted and one of my favorites, partly because of the beautiful color. Beige skirt is made by me.
After finishing this challenge and clarifying my current tastes I feel inspired to make some new clothes. First I just have to get rid of the old ones to make some room :P


  1. This is such a good idea, although rather terrifying. I'm not sure I'd want to do it as I probably find lot of clothes I really didn't like to wear in my wardrobe but just like having them there because they're pretty! So, I applaud you for going through with it.

    I recently made a mustard yellow jumper that I find a bit too hot to wear often. Perhaps it's something about yellow! I don't mind though, I made it because I never have anything to wear when it's really cold, so it's lovely to dig it out on those days I need something cosy.

    1. Haha, it's definitely the color! :D
      I'm honestly drowning in my clothes so I had to try something. I keep finding things in my closet that I didn't even remember I had, so that has to say something.
      Perhaps I'll have another round in the summer to also clear out that side as well :)

  2. That's a really great idea to help get a clear idea of your style. You have some really lovely pieces, and I like the combinations you came up with.
    The Artyologist

    1. Thank you Nicole :) I tried to come up with combinations I hadn't done before, so that was fun but challenging!


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