Friday, 17 June 2016

DIY Beach Cover-Up Tutorial pt.1

Hi everyone! So it's been really, really, really long since I actually wrote in here. My life has been kind of hectic for the past year.

But now I have decided I'm going to try to revive this blog, in fact I am determined to do so.

To start I came up with this simple tutorial for you to make your own beach cover up. 

I got the idea after booking a vacation with my boyfriend to a tropical destination and I thought I might need something to protect myself from the sun.
The sun in Finland is very tame because we're so up north, that I had gotten a bit cocky about never getting a sunburn. But after visiting Washington DC last summer, which is much further south, I had to eat my words after getting a decently bad sunburn on the first day. :D So I learned my lesson, and next time I'll be prepared!

But to get to the point: I'm going to explain in this post how to draw the pattern for your cover-up and what kind of and how much fabric you will need. To keep the post shorter, I will be making an other post on how to sew it up.

This cover-up will fit most sizes, but I would recommend this pattern to someone who is between sizes S and XL. I will explain below* how to make this cover-up smaller or bigger.

For this cover-up you will need about 1,6 meters of fabric of your choice if the fabric is at least 140cm wide. For narrower fabric you will need about 2 meters. 
In my opinion fabrics that are thin and drape-y such as rayon, silk, chiffon, georgette or thin polyester work the best. You could also use cotton voilé or batiste or thin linen, but those will not drape so fluidly.
You will also need about 1,4 meters of embellishment such as pom-pom, fringe, or tassel ribbon, if you wish to use some.

I found this lovely soft rayon with white flowers on yellow from my local fabric store.

To draw the pattern

We will start with the back piece
- Start by drawing a rectangle 82cm tall and 32,5 cm wide
- Measure 3cm down along the left long edges and 6cm down along the right long edge
- measure 10 cm along the top edge starting from the righ
- connect points creating the back beck line and shoulder, curving the neckline slightly

To draw the front piece
- Connect the bottom left corner with the point where neck and shoulder meet

To draw the sleeve
- Measure 46 cm down along the right side starting at the tip of the shoulder seam.
- Draw a straight 36 cm line to the right starting from the tip of the shoulder seam. This line should be at a 90 degree angle in relation to the right side seam
- Measure 26 cm down from the tip of the last line you just drew. Again these lines should be at a 90 degree angle.
- connect the point at the side seam to the sleeve opening.

And there you go! 
Also note that the miniature pattern demonstrated here isn't scaled and the proportions will look slightly different when you draw your pattern.

Now you will just need to trace your pattern. you will need only one back piece as it will be cut on fold and one front piece. you will need to trace your sleeve piece twice, mirrored at the top edge to create the back and front side of the sleeve.

You should end up with something that looks like this:

To cut the pieces fold your fabric in half lengthwise. But the back piece on fold and the front piece next to it.
open the remaining piece of fabric and fold it in half width-wise and cut the sleeve piece horizontally using the center line (shoulder line) as a straight grain.

If your fabric is less than 140 cm wide, just fold your entire piece of fabric in half width-wise and cut all the pieces side by side like in the picture above.

Remember to leave seam allowance
I left 1 cm seam allowance on all other edges except the front edge and the sleeve opening where I had 2 cm allowance.

In the next post I will show you how to sew up your cover-up. I will also try to get some nice pictures of it on me so you can see it in action :)

Check out my next post for sewing instruction:

DIY Beach Cover-up Tutorial pt. 2

*If you need to make this pattern wider or narrower you can just cut the front and back pieces in half lengthwise from shoulder to bottom and add or subtract as much as you need to. You can also make this cover-up longer or shorter by just folding the bottom edge. 
To add or decrease width or length on the sleeve cut it in half just like with the bodice pieces depending which way you need to adjust.


  1. Aah miten ihana kangas! Upea rantatakki tuli.

  2. Kiitos! Sain hädin tuskin kankaan riittämään, koska sitä oli vähemmän kuin mitä oikeasti olisi tarvinnut. Hihoista tulikin sen takia vähän kaposemmat :)


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