Monday, 2 February 2015


January was a pretty eventful month for me. I went to Prague with my boyfriend, practised a lot of lindy hop and got to perform as a support for Paladins, which is an American rock'n'roll group, here in Tampere. We kicked butt btw.

1. Our room at the Hotel ú pava in Prague
2. in front of the astronomical clock in Prague
3. The bone church, Ossuary, in Kutna Hora
4. Sporting some flea market finds
5. playing with colours
6. A delicious salad dinner made with my boyfriend
7. Went up north to see my grand parents. The winter up there is magical
8. At a vintage market presenting my products
9. Started making my own almond milk again. It's way better and creamier than store bought


  1. Almond milk sounds yummy, but it tastes really bad, store bought and homemade alike. :D Maybe I should try adding the honey.

    1. Haha, I think it just tastes like almonds :D But I guess if you don't like almonds, then you're not gonna like the milk either. Adding a date or two masks the taste a little bit.

    2. Weird thing is, i LOVE almonds and I think the milk tastes nothing alike. :D


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