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Prague pt. 4: Vintage and fabrics

So, at last, my last post about our trip to Prague. 
When ever I travel I try to find at least a couple of vintage and fabric shops to visit. To me, those are my favourite souvenirs to bring home. 
I'm not much into main street shopping, so I don't have much idea about what Prague has to offer on that. We did pass a couple big shopping streets, but I didn't memorize the streets.

Of course I had to bring a couple of touristy souvenirs as well such as the astronomical clock magnet and some Medovina (honey wine, which was delicious btw)

Vintage shops

I had looked up a couple of vintage shops before hand that I wanted to visit, but we also stumbled upon a few others. The prices, in my opinion, are pretty much on an international level, so you probably won't find a bargain in vintage shops here. There are also second hand and salvage shops, but I didn't visit any of those, because rummaging through a salvage shop in hopes of a vintage treasure is quite time consuming.
I don't really have any pictures of the shops because many places forbid photographing inside.

is located at Michalská 21, Praha 1 near the old town square is a treasure trove for any art deco lover. The shop has an impressive selection of, well, almost everything. From jewelry to haberdashery to accessories to clothes to home decor and dishes, from 20's to 70's.

On the same street just couple shops down was an other fashion outlet/vintage shop, but I couldn't quite figure out the name. The shop had some beautiful mid century party dresses, dress jewelry and hand bags along with more modern fashion pieces. This shop seemed quite high end and most of their items didn't have prices visible.

on Chvalova 8. Prague 3 is located in the new town. This little shop is owned by a lovely British lady who will offer you some tea while you rummage through her treasures. Bohemian Retro seemed to have more 60's and 70's vintage with a few older pieces here and there.

Just around the corner from Bohemian Retro is 

on Kubelíkova 45 Praha 3. The shop is quite small, but their merchandise is well selected and the prices seemed reasonable. There were some nice 40's and 50's dresses and accessories as well as some newer pieces. I tried on a beautiful 50's yellow lace party dress, but unfortunately it was too small beyond repair.

on  Štupartská 3 110 00 Prague 1 just around the corner from the old town square is a lovely little shop/museum with an exhibition on one wall and long racks of clothes on the other. They mostly had 60's 70's and 80's clothing here with a few nicer 40's and 50's pieces as well as some accessories and jewelry. They had a sale going on at the moment and I was able to snap a gorgeous 20's or 30's necklace for a steal. 

czech 20s 30s necklace from prague fashion museum and vintage shop

Fabric shops

There seem to be quite a few fabric shops in Prague, but they are scattered around the city so I only was able to visit a few. Also it's impossible to know which ones are worth visiting. The first one we went into was a bit of a disappointment as it had no clothing fabrics what so ever. 

The second one HAIŠMAN ŠICÍ CENTRUM on Na Poříčí 1758/14, 110 00 Praha 1 is a little fabric shop with a small selection of clothing fabrics. I was able to find a cute cotton fabric here, but instead of the 3 meters I wanted I ended up buying 4 as the lady didn't speak a word of English. Fortunately the fabric was cheap so a little extra didn't hurt my wallet too much.

on Uruguayská 416/11 Praha 2- Vinohrady alredy had a much nicer selection on clothing fabrics. I especially enjoyed their laces, which were ah-mazing. Unfortunately they were way out of my budget.

on Budečská 1026/14, 120 00 Praha 2 was perhaps my favourite shop and they also had the biggest selection of the shops that I visited. In here they had a great selection of embroidered laces in all the colours of the rainbow for very reasonable prices. I even ended up buying couple meters of this gorgeous gold coloured embroidered lace. I can't wait to make something out of it!

Lace from Látky Červený, cotton from Šicí Centrum Haišman, buttons and buckle from Bohemian Retro

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