Sunday, 11 January 2015

Prague pt. 2: music and theatre

There is so much to do in Prague you will never have to be bored. There's theatre, ballet, opera, symphonic orchestras, jazz and classical music all over the town every single day.

View down from the castle quarter

While making our itinerary I found several interesting jazz clubs, of which we only had time to do one though. On Tuesday night we headed over to the old town to Jazz Club Ungelt, which is just behind the Church of our Lady before Týn at TÝN 2/640, PRAGUE 1. To get to the music club you'll first have to go through the Jazz Pub and down the stairs to an underground vault from the 11th century. The club is quite small and intimate with a small stage and tables and seating in two floors. The club also serves dinner, which is what we did. That night we got to enjoy the show of  ST. JOHNNY which is the only band in Czech Republic playing 1950's jump blues, and is currently one of the leading blues bands in the country.

We arrived just before the show started at 21.00 and by 22.00 the place was already packed, so I recommend you arrive early or make a table reservation.

Jazz Clubs in Prague

There's also swing dancing at Jam Café every Monday and Wednesday at 21.00 at Národní 25 110 00 Praha 1.  The place isn't visible to the street though and you'll have to go through the slide doors in to the mall. The café will be in the left hand corner where you'll take the stairs up to the second floor.

Prague Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal House

We also attended the Prague Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal House where the 80 persons orchestra played the Planets, Op. 32 by Gustav Holst and in the second half The Star Wars by John Williams and as a fun extra the theme to Indiana Jones. I have to say the experience was definitely unique. The tickets also were very reasonably priced, about 25€ each.

Gorgeous ceiling of the Smetana Hall at the Municipal House

You can find classical and symphony concerts as well as a opera listed on Prague Experience where you can also book tickets to these events.

On our last day in Prague we had the choice of either going to an other jazz club or going to a Black Light theatre. We chose the latter and I'm very happy we did. The show was quite interesting and unique and definitely typical to the area.
We went to the Ta Fantastika -theatre in old town Karlova ulice no. 8, 110 00 Prague 1. We saw the show called Aspects of Alice and we both loved it.

Photo source
 "Black-light theatre is based on an optical trick (the black cabinet trick), which takes advantage of the imperfection of the human eye: it cannot distinguish black on black. The trick itself is very simple to perform in the theatre: the audience cannot see an actor dressed in black against a black background. Before our very eyes, items and props controlled by actors dressed in black become capable of moving on their own. Inanimate objects suddenly convey dramatic action, to the extent that they become equal partners for live actors." -

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