Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Frankie100 lindy hop weekend

Hi all! Sorry about not being very active with my blog recently. I haven't been paying so much attention to my outfits lately, or I've been wearing the same outfits over and over again, so I haven't really found much to talk about.

I've been taking lessons on lindy hop since last autumn as some of you may already know and last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a lindy hop weekend celebrating the great Frankie Manning. There were parties and lessons where we learned some of Frankies favourite moves and choreographies. I had so much fun! I danced my heart out (and legs off). 

I didn't bring my own camera so I'm showing you pictures and videos that others took. If you see a photo of you or a photo you took and don't want it up in my blog, please let me know!
I also don't have any specific photos of my outfits, but you've seen them here in my blog earlier.

Shakin' it!
Doing the "spank the baby"

And here's a little clip of the lindy chorus. I'm the one with the bright red top :)

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