Saturday, 22 March 2014

Greetings from Venice, Italy

Dear readers, I'm back! We took a little holiday with my bf and headed to Venice for 4 days. It was a very much needed little break from work and the cold. (I have ton of pictures to show you so please bear with me)

An awesome view of the mountain tops somewhere over Austria or north of Italy.
Venice was beautiful to say the least. It is truly a unique place to visit. The city consist of a total of 118 little islands connected my 354 bridges and it's completely built on water on the Venetian lagoon. Sadly the city is constantly sinking little by little and you could see some of the buildings weren't quite straight. There are no cars in the city which makes the air nice and clean, aside from an occasion smell of sewage. In the city you'll get around by walking or by vaporetto water buses.

Although it isn't the busiest travelling season at the moment, the city was still quite crowded. I can only imagine what it's like during the busiest tourist season!

View over the plaza of S. Marco. The picture was taken before noon so there weren't so many people yet.

If you ever decide to visit Venice I highly recommend you get a good map with the street names visible. Google maps couldn't quite place all the addresses right and it seems it's also missing some of the little streets and alleys. The city doesn't seem to have been built to follow any pattern and the streets seem completely random. It is quite easy to get lost in there if you don't have a proper map, but worry not: there are a lot of plazas and basilicas and you're bound to come across one eventually which will then help you place yourself on the map.

We didn't really have a travel plan and we mostly just wandered around the city oohing and aahing at the architecture and scenery. I did have the addresses of 4 vintage shops of which we only managed to find 2 of which only one was open at the time. It seems a lot of the smaller shops close around noon and open again in the late afternoon, so plan your shopping trips accordingly. Surely the bigger shops and souvenir shops are open all day, but they're mostly full of the same touristy junk.

 We used most of our time discovering the main islands, S. Polo, S. Marco and Dorsoduro, but we also took a trip to Lido, which is the biggest island and also has a beach. The beach was a bit of a disappointment though as it was quite dirty and the water was quite low. Perhaps it would be nicer in summer. 

Seashells washed ashore at the Blue Moon beach on Lido.

View of Venice from the boat.

 For the first evening I had booked us a table at the Venice jazz club. It is a small, a little shabby, but cosy club in Dorsoduro. Almost every night of the week you can hear the house band playing jazz music while you enjoy drinks or wine. The club isn't a restaurant, but they also serve some food. That night we got some lasagne with a side salad. Dinner costs only 8 Euros, but it did get my tummy full. And it was some pretty damn good lasagne. I wanted to go to the club on a Monday, because that's when they play the 50's and 60's tunes. Turned out that the club owner was also the pianist of the band and he would also tell us a little bit of the history of the tunes they played. I highly recommend this place, if you're looking for something different apart from the touristy stuff ;)

We were lucky to get sunny weather each day, but especially in the mornings and evening it could get quite foggy.

Surprisingly though the last night wasn't foggy at all.
Fresh vegetables being sold from a boat. If you want to buy vegetables and fruits on the street, never ever touch them with your hands, but tell the seller what you want. Even in the stores they give you plastic gloves to pick out your fruit.
Make sure you try some gelato, ice cream,  it's delicious.
I didn't shop much, but I did get a few souvenirs. We came across a shop selling hand made Venetian masks, dolls and hand painted jewellery. I got myself a pair of earrings, a brooch and this adorable porcelain cat doll. Isn't he cute!

That's it! Thank you for bearing with me and congratulations if you made it to the end! ;)


  1. I've visited Venice last year and it's really such a magical place!
    The culture and the beauty of is amazing and those little streets make it perfect.

    xoxo Emma

    1. It is truly magical. It's almost like a leap back in time with the architecture and no cars!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I hope I get there someday soon!

  3. I visited Venice 2008 and it was so amazing place, magical! These photos are eye candy :) Thanks fo sharing!

  4. Ei saisi postata tällaisia ihanuuksia. : / Venetsia on allekirjoittaneen unelmakaupunki, jossa olen viettänyt viikon elämästäni ja rakastuin pysyvästi siihen. Taas tuli hirveä matkustushimo näiden kuvien ansiosta....

    1. Voih, minäkin koen jatkuvaa matkakuumetta. Olisi mukava nähdä muutakin Italiaa, erityisesti Sisilian alue kiinnostaa :)


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