Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Everyday favourites

I've been busting my fabric stash like crazy these past couple months. I've sown up 2 skirts and 5 dresses and one of the skirts immediately became a wardrobe stable. The dresses are mostly for summer so I haven't gotten to wear them just yet.

I've especially enjoyed wearing the black skirt. One of my trainees actually drew the pattern for me and I've been using it a lot. It's such a great and fun pattern. The skirt is inspired by the 40's, it has a fitted top and flared hem and 2 large pockets. This skirt goes pretty much with everything.

Here I've paired is with one of my favourite button up blouses in gingham and red wool cardigan, both made by me as well.

Btw, did you notice I've changed the layout of my blog? I've put ads on the left and other links to the right. The width is also bigger. What do you think?


  1. Wow, you've been prodcutive! Love the skirt.

  2. Oi, olisi kivaa osata ommella. Miten muuten päivittelet nettikauppaasi, tuleeko sinne esim. kesämekkoja? Teetkö mallistoja joka vuosi vai miten? (ehkä en ole seurannut niin pitkään, kun en tiedä)

    Layout on kiva, banneri vähän iso kyllä, mutta ei haittaa.

    1. Hei,
      Uusi kesämallisto tullee myyntiin huhtikuun aikana. Teen aina uudet mallistot syksyllä ja keväällä :)

  3. That black skirt is fab! The whole outfit is just adorable. Maybe I need an A-line skirt or two in my wardrobe too...

    1. Thank you, Anna! A-line skirts are great for everyday situation, and especially handy since I like to bicycle a lot. Pencil and full circle skirts aren't so great for that. :D

  4. Moi j'aime ce layout ! ;)


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