Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sworn skirt-girl buys trousers

A while ago I got this crazy idea that I would most definitely need some jeans. Me, who has been only wearing skirts for years! But just any jeans wouldn't do: they would have to have high waist and straight leg and no extreme washes.

Well I started looking and what a better time than right when the new year sales started. I imagine I would just walk into the jeans store and find a perfect fit, but no-hoo. Everything was either too low cut, too small on the bum, too big on the waist, too short, too narrow, too wide, you name it. My problem is that I'm very tall, so ofcourse my body rise is longer as well so even the "high waist" wouldn't reach my actual waist. I also have quite a narrow waist so if it fits on the bum the waist would be too lose.

  After trying on at least 20 pairs, no kidding, I finally came across with a decent pair, and even on discount. They're not perfect, as I would wish the to be even a little higher on the waist, but they'll do. 

 I can't wait for some warmer weather so I can wear my new jeans with some high heels and cute tops.

The top in the pictures I came up with, when I had ended up with a huge pile of cotton rib I bought for an other project but only ended up using a little bit. It's inspired by the styles from the 50's. I drafted the pattern myself: I added bust darts for better fit and turned the sleeves into dolman sleeves with turn ups.

You can also find this shirt in my Etsy-shop.


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