Monday, 4 November 2013

We're not shy. We're contagious.

So last week was Halloween. I hope you had a good one. In Finland, before the arrival of Christianity, it was originally Kekri, a celebration of the end of harvest. Later it mixed up with the Christian day of the Saints, but the American way of celebrating Halloween has become increasingly popular. This year, like the couple last years, we went to a Horror and Tease burlesque Halloween show. I didn't bring my camera so I only have pictures of my own outfit. A camera would have been useless where we sat anyway, because the place was packed and we could only see the upper half of the performers.

I didn't have time to prepare any fancy outfits so I just used what I could find in my closet. I only needed to buy the wig. Can you guess who I was?

Dress: 40's from a vintage fair
White collar shirt: 60's from a flee market
Shoes: 80's pixie shoes from a flee market

Why I was Wednesday Friday Addams from the Addams Family ofcourse, which is one of my favourite TV shows. Even more than The Addams Family, though, I love The Munsters. It's hilarious! If you haven't watched it, I heartily recommend you do.


  1. I love it! You look so perfect! I really wanted to be Wednesday this year for Halloween - maybe next year...

    1. Haha, thank you :) I can't wait to see your version of her :)

  2. I also went as Wednesday Addams. I'll have to share a picture on my blog later.

    You look so good!!



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