Sunday, 18 August 2013

Perfect match

I usually don't babble about make up, but I'm so excited about my find I have to share it with you.

I wanted to get a new shade of lipstick for everyday use as I always tend to wear the same vintage red, which sometimes feels like a bit much (it's probably just me though). I wanted something a little toned down.

OK, so I know my skin is definitely more warm than cold, so anything pink and cool red is definitely out. I was thinking something more terracotta or cinnamon. I went to the department store and and this really helpful sales lady comes up to me to offer help. I explained my need and together we must have tested at least 30 or more shades before we finally found the perfect combination of liner and rouge. (Why is it that they always put sparkles in anything brownish red? I don't want sparkles in my make up. I don't like my face to looking like a disco ball.)

I got the L'oreal Infallible lip liner in "711 invincible red" and Make Up Store's sheer lipstick in  "281 Sweetheart". 

When this happy girl finally got to the register, there were also some new nail polish shades from Mavala placed on the counter. And what do you know: there was a perfect nail polish match, "194 Sienna red", for my new lipstick!

Ps. Make Up Store also had this gorgeous deep dark red lipstick I just might have to go back to get for evening wear.

What is your favourite lipstick? Do you wear lipstick everyday or is it mostly for special occasions?


  1. Now I have to check those out! I've also wondered about the sparkles and metallic gleam of some brownish lipsticks and liners. Ugh.

    I wear lipstick everyday, in different shades depending on my mood, skin condition etc. I'm also warm toned and so pale I can't wear really bright reds, but I've found some good muted non-pink reds, like We Care Icon nro 9 (surprisingly long lasting) and L'oreal Rouge Concorde 164. I also love peach and orange shades.

    1. I love peach colour too! In addition to being warm skinned I'm also more to the medium side rather than fair, so anything too close to my skin tone would look a little silly. I do wear it on my cheeks sometimes, especially in winter when I'm not tanned.

      I haven't tested We care icon yet, but I've seen them at the stores. Perhaps I shall try it out since it's quite cheap too :)


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