Saturday, 3 August 2013

Decorator's heaven

A week ago me and my hubby took our friend with us and drove to this place called Kasvihuoneilmiö (= green house effect). It is a place I have wanted to visit for a while now, but didn't get a chance until now. It's a 2 hour drive from where I live, through the most idyllic little towns and along meandering roads on the country side.  Too bad I couldn't take pictures of the scenery as I was behind the driving wheel.

Kasvihuoneilmiö is a store in the south of Finland and it is seriously one of the most overwhelming stores I have visited. It is a huge warehouse filled with anything you can think of for the home from antique and Chinese furniture to lavishly gold and silver painted mirrors to crystal lamps to china to vintage movie posters to door knobs and other assorted goods to garden ware. It is hard to describe this place. It is something you really have to experience for yourself. I was just wandering about with my mouth stuck open not knowing where to set my eyes. If I had an infinite amount of money and a truck, I probably would have emptied half of the store. 

Instead I only bought this little bamboo table for the balcony and two mod style bracelets.

bamboo table

Later I went with my parents to pick out some flowers at the super market for the balcony. I've never been very good with keeping any plant alive: either I drown them or I forget to water them and they just dry out. Now I'm going to make an extra effort to care for my new Dahlias and Verbena. I love seeing balconies filled with different kinds of flowers and other plants, that look like miniature gardens. I would love to have one of those some day as well, but this is what our balcony looks like for now.

Dahlia blooms
Some of the Dahlia blooms have died since, but at least it's making new ones and that's good, right?

Dahlia blooms

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