Friday, 16 August 2013 launching event

The launching event for the new portal I told you about on my last post was held last Wednesday in Helsinki. At first we were meant to be outside, but fortunately were provided a space inside one of the historic buildings harbouring the inner yard: you see the weather that day was absolutely terrible. It wouldn't stop raining. What luck!

I snapped a few photos before the opening, so here are a few samples of the treats you'll be able to find at the portal once it opens in September.

Liquorish necklaces
These liquorish necklaces look so delicious I could eat them

Earrings from Nellin Shoppi

Natural hand made cosmetics from Vuotar
Hand made natural cosmetics from Vuotar.

Doily carpets from Tylli
I just love these doily carpets from Tylli!
I wore one of the dresses from my new A/W collection for the event. I only have a crappy selfie I took at work to show you as I haven't got a chance to photograph it properly yet. Alors, a crappy selfie, voilà!

I got this lovely vintage style wool crepé from a local fabric wholesaler. It's so close to the flesh colour though I thought it best to pair it with an other colour and chose black velvet. You wouldn't want to look naked from afar, would you.


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