Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rocking at Race Coast

It was such a fun night last night. Me and two of my closest friends headed to Kangasala, a near by town, for a rock'n'roll party. It was a two day event, but we only attended the second day. My phone ran out of battery before the music started (this keeps happening to me) so I don't have any photos from the party itself.

 There were a couple vintage sellers and many great bands playing. We danced almost all evening. It was also great to watch other people dancing with their partners with their circled skirts swaying and swinging. It looked so amazing I must attend to some swing dance lessons next autumn! Hopefully I can convince my bf to go with me too.

We arrived 2 hours early, oops, so we had time to go to the town centre to grab a bite.

I was wearing this 50's Hawaiian dress I had bought from a friend. It's my first and only Hawaiian vintage dress and it was great to finally get to wear it. I love the draped detail on the bust.

gray vintage 50s hawaiian dress at VintageFollies

gray vintage 50s hawaiian dress at VintageFollies

rock'n'roll hair do at VintageFollies

Looking forwards to the next time!

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  1. Fabulous dress, I love the material print!


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