Saturday, 20 July 2013

Road trip part deux

So, after dropping off my parents at the air port and visiting the Finnish fortress. We drove back home and left for the second part of our road trip the day after.

We drove to Yyteri that is on the west coast by the sea. It was a super duper windy and mostly a cloudy day, so the pic nic we had been planning was off. The water was quite warm though. We just walked on the beach a little and then went on our way to the next city.

Yyteri beach

 From Yyteri we drove to Rauma where we had booked a hotel from the old centre. The hotel was quite nice and we could rent bikes from there, which made it easier to look around the centre. Old Rauma is the largest historical wooden town in the Nordic countries. All the little wooden houses were so adorable. It would be a dream come true to live in such house.

Old Rauma

Old Rauma

Old Rauma

Rauma was also a very bicycle friendly town. I was genuinely surprised when every single car gave us way on the safety roads. That's not something you get to witness very often in my city (people are unbelievably hostile towards bicyclist for some strange reason, perhaps it would be better to jam the centre with cars </end rant). All the pedestrians, bicyclists and cars roamed the streets of the old town in harmony: no one yelled or honked or shook one's fist. I also made a few small finds at the flee markets here, but perhaps I'll show them later. There was a lot of old Finnish porcelain everywhere, so this would be an interesting shopping place for a collector.

The next day we drove to Uusikaupunki, which also has an old town, but it wasn't quite as nice as Rauma. The good thing about it though was that you could park anywhere in the centre for free. We went to a couple of flee markets, ate and then headed back home.

We did however visit the museum where displayed were some historical clothing from important people who lived in the city. The museum was small, but the items were very beautiful and interesting to look at.

early 20th century petit point purses
Gorgeous early 20th century petit point handbags.

I was wearing this 50's wiggle dress I bought last winter from Vapriikki Vintage -fair. It's made of some kind of blend fabric (I would guess rayon and linen) in tiny houndstooth in burgundy and white which makes it appear an interesting colour. Houndstooth is definitely one of my favourite patterns. The dress is nice and casual and it fits like it was made for me!

50s wiggle dress in tiny houndstooth veawe at Vintage Follies

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