Sunday, 28 July 2013

Road trip finds

While me and my significant other were on our little road trip, I took the chance to visit some flea markets on the way. Of course I didn't have time to visit all of them, but here are the most interesting ones I did visit.

Kirpputori-kahvio Radanvarsi at Rautatienkatu 6
Is located in an old railway building. The flea market is in 3  floors, with the top floor for newer furniture, street level for rentable booths where people can bring their own clotes etc. and the basement for old mags and some antique furniture.
I didn't buy anything from here, but I thought it was interesting.

Torin Kymppi ja Liiteri at Myllymäenkatu 1
Is a self service flea market in 2 floors with a lot of rentable booths and some antique furnitue in the basement. Here I found 3 pairs of vintage gloves and mint 50's-50's blouse.

On the way to Uusikaupunki we drove past Laitila and noticed a sign for a flea market so we popped in. I think this one is sustained by the church. It was a cute little store in an old house and 2 floors. The ground floor is for self service booths and on the top there were some random clothes and a few furnitures that looked like they were donated. Here I found a bolt of suiting wool for only 10 euros. It said in the label there would be 10 meters in the bolt, but I doubt if there's really that much and I haven't measure it yet.

In Uusikaupunki we went to Kurjenpolun Kirppis at Kurjenpolku 2. 
This one is a big self service flea market with mostly rentable booths, but also some furniture and a lot of old mags. I bought a bunch of 40's and 50's fashion and knitting mags here and a cute modern knit shirt.

Vintage gloves'
I found 3 pairs of gloves at Torin Kymppi ja Liiteri, they all seem unworn and the black ones even have the original tag on them. The white lace ones are my favourite - so delicate!

vintage fashion magazines
A bunch of vintage fashion mags for inspiration and to knit from.

40s fashion illustration evening gowns

50s fashion magazine
Isn't that red dress adorable?
I still left a bunch of mags behind me as I only took the ones that interest me most. I just wish I had the time to knit all the lovely dresses and sweaters from the knitting magazines. Ah well, maybe someday I'll have that knitting machine.

50s crochet lace top

50s knitted dress
I would definitely start with this shift dress. How chic is that!

40s knitted lace twin set

And ofcourse Gomez wanted to have a look at my finds as well.

Have you come across some good finds recently?


  1. Wow, what beautiful magazines. And you say you even left some behind? Funny, because it is so rare that I find such magazines at flea markets. On the internet you can buy them easily, but to come across a stack of interesting crafting magazines doesn't happen too often.
    And there dresses are really adorable. I am so longing to learn knitting, I really have to find some time to practice it.

    1. It's rare to come across craft or fashion magazines at flea markets. Usually there are a lot of weekly journals available though, but those aren't very interesting to a fashion enthusiast. And I do enjoy looking at pictures of the fashions.

      I would love to knit a dress, but I get bored quite easily and knitting that long simple skirt part wouldn't get me very far :D That's why I need a machine to do it.

  2. Ooh, I love old magazines. I'm already looking forward to windy fall afternoons when I can curl up with an old mag and a nice cup of tea.

    1. I rarely read the magazines, well there isn't much to read in a craft mag anyway. Usually I just like to look at the beautiful pictures and dream about what I shall make next :D
      I do have couple of MeNaiset mags that have some interesting articles along with fabulous fashion photos too. :)

  3. Lovely finds! I love the white lace gloves! And I wish I would have enough time to knit a dress! They are so lovely, but so time consuming!

    1. Yes, they are. That's exactly why I need the knitting machine, so I can knit anything in no time! :)


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