Thursday, 13 June 2013

Back to red

Soo I finally decided what I would do with my hair: I wanted to have a red summer hair so I decided to bleach the old colour and start using Henna. But first - all the hair dressers out there close your eyes - I chopped off the split ends myself.

I used Biozell to bleach my hair, because they sell the powder and emulsifier separately, so you can use as much as you want and store the rest. I put it on my ends first and last on the roots. There must be at least 3 or 4 layers of dye on the ends, so unfortunately that wasn't enough to remove everything. My roots on the other hand bleached way too well ending up golden yellow. Darn. Well, now I could only hope the Henna would smooth out the colour.

Hair bleached from dyed naturally dark hair
Hello blondie! Now I look like my sister. Right, mom?
I had gotten some cheap Henna from the store and mixed it up the previous night with lemon juice. I used 200 grams. I think I might have left it a little too thick, because the experience was anything but therapeutic. It was soo messy, that shit stuff was everywhere! Our bathroom literally looked like someone had had explosive diarrhoea in there, and they missed the toilet bowl.

Henna powder mixed with lemon juice
It was like smearing poo on my head, seriously.

I wrapped my  hair with clingy plastic and left the Henna over night and washed it off in the morning. What a disappointment. My hair was just screaming orange.

Bleached hair after one application of henna
Err, no...

So I got one more bag of Henna. This time I picked a more expensive brand and mixed it with very strong herbal tea with strawberry, hibiscus and grape fruit. I also put in a little clove as I read it might make the stain darker. My hair was extremely dry after the last application so I also mixed in a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. Now this stuff even smelled different from the cheap one. The cheapo brand smelled like dry hay whereas the more expensive one smelled like freshly cut grass. This time I only managed with 100 grams of Henna, but I made the paste much runnier - like a chemical hair dye would be. I also figured it would be much easier to apply it with a hair dye brush. And again wrap, towel, sleep and wash in the morning.

Bleached hair after two applications of henna
This time it looks like a more natural red hair. I might do a third application with a teeny bit of indigo mixed in. Really makes my eyes colour pop, doesn't it?
I also had a half used, ancient bottle of Revlon color creme laying around so I tried it on a small strand of hair out of curiosity - and whoa! Now that's red! I'm tempted to apply it all over my hair, but then that would defeat the purpose of Henna-ing, that is, to look like a natural red head.

Now that was a lengthy process and couple times there I already started to regret I ever started. I would really like to get rid of using chemical dyes though and find more natural solutions. Shock colours are one and although they are easy and quick to apply, they also wash out just as quick and easy.

Are any of you Henna-ing your hair? I would love to see your results, so if you have pictures on your blog, please share the links in the comments :)


  1. Lovely color! I once dyed my hair with henna, but it was a big disaster!

    1. Oh no! What happened?

      I was a bit concerned about dyeing over bleached hair, but fortunately it didn't turn green or anything like that :D

  2. Oohh, gorgeous!
    I wish I had your fair skin so I could dye it in all cool colours!


    1. Thank you Jessica. :) I have quite dark features though, and I tan very easily, so anything too light would just look weird. I would still like to get my hair a liittle bit darker as the yellow in my roots shines through when the sun hits it.

  3. So gorgeous! I was a fan of the first two colors until I got down to your final shade and of course that looks the best! I've always wanted to henna my hair, but never had the courage. Maybe one day...

    1. Thanks! :) I guess henna would look best on a naturally light hair. My roots just turned yellow when I bleached them and ofcourse that shows through a little.

  4. Hi dear..I'm a hairdresser and can tell you about one professional product that is super gentle, no ammonia, no peroxide and if you take care of it it lasts! It's by goldwell, it is called elumen. You would have to use a salon finder on goldwells site to find out if there are any salons who use elumen near you. If your hair is fine or medium fine it will close up the cuticle and leave your hair sooo shiny and healthy. It's not cheap, but so worth it. Or if you ever come to Vancouver, I can hook you up. I would use a kb7 and add in some gk@all. It is driven into the hair by magnetic force, outs truly amazing stuff. However I think you did great on your own!

    1. Thanks for the tip, jenables! I've heard of Elumen, but I didn't know if I could buy it to use at home.

      I since ended up dyeing my roots with Olia because the colour change was so drastic. Now they're mahogany brown/red all around. I'm planning to keep using Henna and see what it'll look like on my natural hair colour :)

  5. Moi!
    I am so happy I found your post because I want to switch from chemical dyes to henna. I saw you bleached your hair first before applying henna. How many days did you waited until you applied the henna? Did you stay with this color or went back to the chemical dyers? I have heard all kind of crazy stories about your hair turning green... Where did you buy the henna? I live in Helsinki.
    Thanks a lot. My hair is super long and I do not want to make a huge mistake, that is why I am searching as much as I can Thanks! <3

    Jenn from FHT

    1. Hi Jenn,

      When you buy your henna make sure it's pure and doesn't have any chemical added to it, this way it will be safe to use over bleached/dyed hair. I bought mine from Ruohonjuuri and the brand is Mac Urth. I applied the henna only a couple days after the bleach. However you should always test it first on a strand of hair to make sure. Also remember that henna is truly permanent and won't come off with bleach.

      Later I did end up applying chemical dye to the roots because as you can see the color difference from root to ends is drastic. Also my natural hair is so dark the henna doesn't look like much on it so after a while I ended up using a copper red from Garnier that has some bleach in it. I only use it for the roots. I still have some Henna left so I might throw it on top of this to give the colour a little pop. :)

  6. Sorry idk if my last post worked but when I dyed my hair with lemon juice and henna opposed to tea or water, it was a rich dark color. I was thinking of bleaching my hennaed hair and rehenna-ing it for a lighter red :) thank you for this post!

  7. Hello what brand did you use the second time? Thanks


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