Sunday, 26 May 2013

Zig Zag

I don't shop for new clothes very often, except when there's a sale. There is the factory for the Finnish brand Nanso only 30 minutes away and once a year they have a huge sale in one of the factory halls. There are samples and seconds and stuff from previous seasons that didn't sell. I have to admit I might have gone a little crazy gathering so many things to try on that my arm hurt for two days after carrying them around. I only ended up buying 2 dresses though, one of which is this casual zig zag dress. It is made of soft cotton blend jersey and it's perfect for lazy Sunday strolls or to throw over a swim suit.

black and white zig zag dress from Nanso

black and white zig zag dress from Nanso

Lola Ramona triped flats
And it goes perfectly with my Lola Ramona flats
 We went to enjoy a cone of ice cream with my hubby to the old harbour near by. A small route ship to an other city still sails from there couple times a week, other than that there is a lovely restaurant and a café to enjoy a drink or coffee by the lake and colourful fishing boats resting at the dock.

colourful schooners resting at the dock

An amusement park by the water
On the other side of the bay there is an amusement park.


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