Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Helsinki Winter Garden

Yesterday was a great yet tiring day. I had only slept less than 3 hours so I thought I would faint and puke when I set off to drive, but fortunately I came to with some cold water and loud music. I headed off to Helsinki to meet up with a model and a photographer to photograph my new spring/summer collection. We went to Helsinki Winter Garden in Töölö. It is maintained by the city of Helsinki and there's a free entrance. It was like stepping in into the middle of the summer from the cold winter air. It was like the tropic in there!

I have no clue what most of these plants are as I didn't think of taking photos of their labels. Maybe you can recognize some of these plants.

This one is some meat eating plant. Doesn't it look weird? :D

And here's a little sneek-peek of the collection. Jasmin, who's blogging over at J's Neverland, was modelling and Eliza, from LizzieChili, was photographing.

I can't wait to show you the final photos as soon as Eliza has done her magic with them! :)


  1. Gorgeous flowers, so colourful!

    The model looks fabulous :)


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