Monday, 11 March 2013

Experimenting with colours

I had a long period in my life when I mostly dressed in black and red - and a little bit in purple - so now that I would like to use more colours I find matching them quite hard. If I have a coloured top I almost inevitably pair it with a black bottom.

So I thought I might start with little things and find out what I actually like and what goes together before I go and buy/make 5 new skirts that don't match with anything.

So what do you think about this: teal blue and golden yellow? Works, right? Right!


  1. Yes it does and I love them together!

  2. its perfect lady! i love pink and green, pale blue and pink and orange and pink1 you are the best! kisssss

    1. Pink and green would be lovely! I have to try that sometime :)


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