Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sew Grateful Week: why am I grateful?

I'm laying here bed ridden instead of being at my French lesson so what could be a better moment to give a thought for all the things positive.
Part of the sew grateful week is to write about the things you're grateful about in the sewing community.

First and most importantly I have to thank my mother for encouraging me to sew. I've been sewing for as long as I can remember first with my little pink sewing machine and later with my mother's real one. She let me use her fabric scraps to create outfits for my barbies. My parents also bought me my first own sewing machine soon after I moved out on my own. The machine I never could have afforded myself. Now I could start creating all the outfits I ever wanted.

All that was years ago. I went to get an education on clothing design and became an entrepreneur. There are no longer teachers to turn to when I have a problem with my project, but luckily there's an amazing world wide sewing community ready to help and support each others. There are hundreds of fabulous blogs providing information, tutorials and resources. I for example learned how to make a sleeve gusset, after sleeping through that lesson at school.
I would love to contribute to this as well when ever I can.

I am also happy to be a part of our local little sewing and knitting community: a handful of people who gather together once or twice every month to share thoughts, help each other out or just chat. People have even donated to us, after reading about our club in the paper, their old patterns and fabrics, which is pretty amazing, huh! I'm especially grateful for the help I've received with my semi-hopeless knitting attempts. I've actually gotten something done with the help of these amazing people.

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  1. How terrific to involve the community! You are very fortunate to have both online sewing friends and Real life sewing friends! Hope you're better soon.


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