Friday, 11 January 2013

Almost two weeks of 2013

This year I’m going to try and update my blog a little more often. I do have things to share, but until now the problem has been the lack of pictures. Now that I got me a new phone with a camera it's going to be easier to document things on the go.

This year has started nice and quiet with a lot of work and a new little friend.

I needed a new pair of ballet slippers as my old ones were bought sometime in my teens. No wonder my toes were all crooked up in there.

I'm very happy to have returned to ballet lessons after the Christmas break that feels like forever. I have really let myself go during the one month break and I have to tell you my legs are still killing me although the ballet lesson was last Monday. But I'm loving it regardless and I know I'll get back in shape in no time.

I also bought a powerhoop. You know those heavy hula hoops with bumps on the inside? I'm planning to use it at least 10 minutes every day to activate my abs and hopefully keep my waist line at bay (too much chocolate at Christmas perhaps?)

We also got a new fluffy friend. He's a 3-year old boy and we named him Gomez. Isn't he a handsome little (big) cuteball? I love that he's so big when our two girls are quite small in size. He's still getting used to us and our 2 older cats (yes, we now have 3 cats. Call me a crazy cat lady if you wish), and I think he's still missing his friend, who's now living with one of my friends, from his previous home. He's really nice and we're all getting along just fine so far.

Sorry about the poor quality. This picture was taken on my phone on auto timer.
Here's also a little sneak-a-peek of what I've been working on at my studio. I'm making the ensemble especially for a vintage market I'm going to be selling at at the end of the month. The market will be held at a museum and it's themed after their current main exhibition about Egyptian mummies.

 I used the Simplicity 3145 from 1950. I made some changes to the pattern and I think it worked beautifully. Don't you just love that striped ruffle blouse? I wish I could find a fabric like that somewhere.

How has your year started off?


  1. Dear the dress is wonderful!! You are so beautiful! Kisssssssssssss

  2. What a divine skirt!

    I am also in ballet classes now. I just went to my first though on Tuesday.


    1. Ballet is great. It really gives you a better posture and balance, doesn't it? :) I also love it that I can literally see the progress I make. It's great to notice you can lift your leg a little higher in grand battement than last time or that the pirouette isn't quite as wobbly :) Small everyday victories!


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