Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 in outfits

The year 2012 is over in just a few hours, but first it's time to look back. I have been doing a lot of sewing and a lot of vintage shopping as well, so I put all of my favourite outfits from 2012 into this one post.

I also made some new years promises a year ago, but since I succeeded terribly in keeping them, I'm not even going to start on that :D I do have goals and dreams for 2013, considering my business and personal life, and I hope to get even a little bit closer to those goals. I know I will be sewing a lot lot lot and I'll try to show you more of that too.

Happy new year! May it be a fabulous one!

At a vintage fair at the end of January, wearing a me-made 50's repro dress.

Beginning of February: The first gusset sleeve I ever made.

Mid-March: took part in a Mad Men sewing challenge.

Went from redhead to brunette some time in April. I do sometimes miss the red hair, but then the dark one requires lot less maintenance being closer to my natural colour.
Did some more vintage sewing in May. Also the colour blue started creeping in to my closet.

Did some more vintage shoping in late May. I really love the Greek style pattern on the skirt!

June was really chilly and rainy. 50's reproduction wool dress made by me.

 Lime green 40s inspired dress I wore for a picnic photoshoot in July.

August started off with a burlesque party and a Hawaiian inspired me-made dress.

at Ofelia Market in late August wearing a 50's reproduction dress.

Bought this 30's dress from the very same Ofelia Market. I'm also starting to be more open to other colours such as peach, white and neutrals.

Made a new winter coat in October

Celebrated Finnish burlesque at the end of October in a me-made cocktail dress.

Bought me a 40's evening gown as a birthday present in November


  1. Happy 2013, and I so much love your dresses. I wished I could sew a dress. Your wintercoat is amazing!

    1. Thank you and happy New Year! :)

  2. Ihana tuo talvitakki! Löytyisikö jostain kaavat vai teitkö nekin itse?

    En ole kyllä kauhean hyvä ompelemaan, mutta jos aloittaisin nyt, ehkä ensi talveksi saisin kasaan! :D

  3. Ah, luinkin nyt lokakuun postauksen, että teit itse... :/


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