Thursday, 8 November 2012

For seamstresses and vintage enthusiasts

I bought such an amazing book I just have to share it with you. I came across Vintage Lingerie: historical patterns and techniques by Jill Salen on Amazon and I almost jumped out of my pants (or should I say dressing gown). The price is very decent at 10£.

I've been intrigued by vintage lingerie for couple years now. My enthusiasm started with just clothing but soon spread in to lingerie as well. Vintage lingerie is so beautifully made and designed to please the buyer's eye. I've been collecting vintage lingerie since and must say already have quite a collection. I rarely wear them though as my work requires a lot of sitting and bending, so especially boned girdles and long line bras might end up making me very uncomfortable. Also the fact that they're one of a kind items makes me want to save them up for special occasions. That hasn't stopped me on my hobby though. 

And since dead stock vintage lingerie can be hard to find, especially in the right sizes, what a better way to acquire the perfect vintage ladies wardrobe and figure than to make it yourself. This book features several styles from the 20's to 70's with large photos and 2:1 scale patterns for girdles, brassiere, slips and knickers. I just can't wait to can try my hand at for example this corselet. I already have the perfect vintage power net, given to me by a friend, with woven stripes like this one.


  1. This is looks like a really nice book..! And yes, some 40s & 50s girdles & long line bras are really heavy and tend to restrict your movements a lot – others however, of the roll on type are much lighter & do not restrict movement at all & I find them both practical & comfortable for everyday wear. The point is, that it actually makes a difference what you wear under your vintage skirt or dress. Tights just make the skirt wrap differently than a girdle does.

  2. Oh I want that all!!!I adore vintage underwear.

    I like your blog so much, I m following you now :)


    1. And I forgot to say I M IN LOVE with dresses from your Etsy store. O my God, it is perfect!

    2. Thank you! I'm glad you like them :)


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