Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Colour analysis I

I thought I'd do a colour analyze of myself, mostly for fun, but I'm also hoping to get some benefit of this new knowledge. I used 2 sources on the Internet, this and this, of which the later I found a bit more helpful. It would be fun to have this done with a pro sometime.

I did know I am definitely more warm than cold and I know by gut which colors work for me. For example any turquoise is absolutely off limits, but soft warm tones such as peach and olive green look great.

All the talk about the seasons though was complete gibberish to me. Turns out I'm most likely an Autumn. My hair is naturally medium to dark brown with golden undertone (I bleached my hair in grade school and it just turned out yellow, it was horrible). I have dyed it since first black then red and now dark brown so ofcourse I also have reddish (unnatural) undertones. My skin is fair, but I tan easily and the result is golden or honey. I had bit of difficulties though to determine whether I'm a warm autumn or deep autumn. My eyes are bright green with a little ochre in the middle. I suppose I could use both of the two colour palettes or even leap into deep winter with my current hair colour, with certain reservation.

Lets see the palettes then:

Warm Autumn


Deep Autumn


I could see working most of these colours. Salmon, peach, rust and the greens most definitely. I could see myself working the browns as well, although I'm not a big fan of the colour. But what the heck are those turquoises doing there? And Yellow? You sure?

And what about the Deep Winter. This palettes has some similarities with the above palette and I could snatch a few colours from here as well, such as burgundy, hot pink and blue red, some of the warmer greens and maybe even teal. Pure white - definitely not.


So now that I have an idea of my best colours, the next step would be to actually try them on and see how they affect my complexion, eyes and hair colour. I thought I'd continue this post later with photos of different coloured fabrics/clothes to show how they affect my appearance.


  1. Ainakin Sokoksella on pukeutumispalvelu, jonka yhteydessä tehdään värianalyysi. Ei ehkä ihan niin perinpohjainen mitä jos menet jonnekin stylistille tms ja tilaat erikseen värianalyysin, mutta ainakin minun tarpeisiini Sokoksen palvelu oli ihan riittävä. Ja siis ilmainen. Ei ostopakkoa. Suosittelen.

    1. Hei kiitti vinkistä! Ehkäpä kokeilen sitä joskus :)


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