Monday, 22 October 2012

Finnish Burlesque Gala

Hi there! I know I haven't been writing in a loong time, but nothing much has happened lately. I've been working like craa-zyy and haven't really had time to sew for myself either.

Well last weekend me and my hubby headed off to Helsinki to see the crop of the cream of Finnish bulesque. The Finnish Burlesque Gala was held at restaurant Kaisaniemi which dates all the way back to the 19th century and was a very appropriate place for such an event.

Mimi de Silk

Lucie Goodness

Cherry Dee

Thee Dizzy Daisies: Sandy Jungle, Gigi Praline and Pepper Sparkles

Tinker Bell

Kiki Hawaii

The host of the evening: Bettie Blackheart

Titania Hill and the 7, umm, dwarfs?

And here's what I wore:
dress: made by me
jewelry: vintage
Purse: Nateva, drifted
Shoes: Agent Provocateur, second hand


  1. Oh that dress looks amazing! Seems like a fun evening, I esp. like the dwarfs :)

  2. You looked absolutely stunning and it was lovely to see you again!

    1. It was nice to see you too, Riikka :) and everyone else as well! It's a shame I don't get to see you guys more often.

  3. Oi! kiva nähdä kuvia täältä kun itse oli tuolla töissä niin ei nähnyt esityksiä lainkaan! =)
    Ps. Oliko paita sopiva? ;)

    1. Paita oli just oikeen kokonen, kiitos asiantuntevasta palvelusta ;)

  4. Tosi kaunis tuo mekko, ihana malli! :O <3


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