Thursday, 13 September 2012

Vintage finds: sienna 30's dress

I just blogged about this dress over at Fintage, but I thought I'd also share it with all of you who don't follow that blog.

Lately I’ve been more and more into the fashions of the 30′s. 40′s and 50′s are still my favourite decades, but some of the 30′s silhouettes and details have also caught my eye. I couldn’t resist myself when I came across this 30′s, I guess I would call it sienna coloured, dress. And the fact that it fit almost perfectly didn’t quite help either.

I really like the pleat detail on the front of the skirt and the pouchy sleeves. You can see it was made before the war as the fabric has been used profusely: the fold of the hem and seam allowances are at least 2 inches wide, which is lucky for me as there will be plenty of material to make repairs if necessary.

The dress has a quite interesting closing mechanism. There are snaps on the shoulder seam and half of the collar  also comes off and is attached with snaps and small hooks. I had to widen the closure on the shoulder as I had difficulties fitting my big head through it. I also took off the wadded shoulder pads that had quite lost their shape and raised the sleeve at least by an inch. When I make alterations to vintage I never cut anything off, unless it's absolutely necessary, so that the item can then be returned to its original form, if someone should want to do so in the future.

At first I was a bit suspicious of the colour as it's quite new and weird for me, but when I tried the dress on I discovered, to my surprise, it actually suits me.

The fabric is a really lovely and heavy rayon crepe weaved with red and peach threads.


  1. oh u look stunning in it. its really beautiful and the colour is perfect on u. big kiss from Dublin xx leonie


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