Thursday, 2 August 2012

Peaceful place

I left the town for a few days to go see my grand parents. I might not have a chance to have a proper holiday so I made the most of my little trip. My grand parents live in a small village in the country side and used to have a small farm. Just spending 2 days in the middle of nowhere in the skirts of nature made me feel relaxed and stress free. The air is clean and even the water tastes different. I hope you can get a glimpse of that serenity through these pictures.There are several, but please bare with me...

That's the old dryer barn where hay was dried after harvesting. I used to sleep here when I was a kid, just for fun.

wild strawberries and arctic raspberries grow beside the road

An ironworks from 1821-1859. Iron was produced here. Too bad the door was locked, I would have liked to take a peek inside.

There was no one else at the beach so I got it all to myself

autotimer <3

I also went to pick blueberries and got maybe 3,5-4 liters to last through the long winter.


  1. im glad you got to spend some nice time with your grandparents it looks so beautiful there i can just imagine how peaceful it must be, one of my sisters also lives in the countryside in the west of ireland and i love to visit with her to relax and de stress, have a great weekend im of to amsterdam yippee!! kisses from dublin xx leonie

    1. Have fun in Amsterdam! I've been wanting to go there for a while now :)

  2. Just beautiful! That's excatly the place I dream of living, places like this are good for the soul. x

    1. Even though I love the city, it really does do wonders to spend a few days in the country side, preferably without a computer :D


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