Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ofelia Market followed by Music and fire show

Yesterday was a busy day. I took part on a craft fair, Ofelia Market, as a seller with Rhia. We also took part in the fashion show in the event, where any seller has a chance to show off their stuff. Everyone has to get their own models though and we came close to a catastrophe as 2 models canceled leaving us no other option than to go on the stage ourselves. Otherwise the event went nicely only leaving a bit of hope for better with the number of visitors. Then on the other hand there were so many other things going on at the same time, such as zombie walk and chili fest, that people probably didn't have time for everything.

Here are our lovely models showing off pieces from my previous S/S 2012 -collection and the upcoming A/W 2012 -collection.

Bye Bye Birdie -dress from the S/S 2012 collection

Ane a.k.a Pepper Sparkles modeling the Wallflower -dress from the S/S 2012 collection
Jeane -dress from the upcoming A/W 2012 collection

Lorelei -dress

Norma -dress

Roslyn -dress
Here are some goodies from my table

And the outfit I wore for the event. The dress I made myself with the fabric I bought last winter from Riga. It has been waiting for the right idea since. The shoes are 50's and I've shown them a few times before
 After the fashion show the Finnish Blonde Burlesque Troupe performed their oriental inspired number. 

After Ofelia Market me and my hubby grabbed a bite and headed down town for a music and fire show down by the stream pool. There was a rock band playing on the roof a factory building with fire works and a fire artist group. I couldn't get a proper picture of the band as they were pretty far and I didn't have my zoom lens with me, but I could still see enough to say they seemed to be having a ball playing up there.

The band was playing on the roof of the smaller building on the left

A beautiful ending for the summer.


  1. You seem to have much more vintage retro events in Finland than in France... Love this black flower dress, it's nice to see repro dresses with true vintage lenght! They are usually shorten and it's not so elegant, yours are really classy!

    1. Thank you Laurence! :) I don't care for the above knee length so many repro dresses are cropped into either. Besides longer can always be shortened, if someone wishes to have a shorter skirt :)


  3. These dresses are fabulous & have a magnificent match of design, color & texture of!!!

  4. I love the Bye Bye Birdie and Lorelei dresses, the dress you made is also gorgeous and fits you so well!

  5. Thank you Jannie and Bri! :)


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