Sunday, 1 July 2012

Suvi-Vintage 30.6.-1.7.

Olipas mukava, vintagen ja markkinahumun täyteinen viikonloppu! Tampereen Tallipihalla järjestettiin Suvi-vintage tapahtuma, jossa myös allekirjoittanut kävi myymässä lauantaina. Sunnuntaina keskityin haahuiluun, hypistelyyn ja tanssahteluun. Kyllä, luitte oikein, sain suostuteltua avokkini tanssimaan. Lauantaina oli harmikseni aika kurja sää, mutta onneksi se ei näyttänyt kävijöitä haittaavan ja porukkaa riitti tapahtuman loppuun asti. Tänään olikin todella kaunis ja lämmin sää.

Lyhyt video tapahtumasta Ilta-Lehden sivuilla


Well that was a lovely weekend filled with vintage.  A summer vintage fair was arranged in my home town this weekend and I was there too selling my clothing on Saturday. Today, Sunday, I spent the day wandering around, rummaging through all the treasures and even dancing. Yes, I managed to make my hubby dance with me. Saturdays weather, to our nuisance, was quite crappy, but fortunately it didn't seem to bother buyers too much. Today, though, was a very warm and sunny day

You can see a short video from the event on Ilta-Lehti -tabloid's website

Old carousel

Young handsome men dresses in old fashioned soldiers' uniforms.

I had my picture taken with couple handsome soldiers by this lovely lady. She's wearing a 30's-40's style dress made by moi. Check out her blog, she really takes some awesome photos
Me and my stuff, which I later moved to an other spot under a roof

Old velos. It must be quite challenging to ride those things.


An original cave cellar. This is how groceries were stored before the fridge.

Fashion show presenting 40's clothing

We had a chance to participate on a free dance lesson to learn jive. Our teachers Pasi y Maria.
Look at us dancing - or trying to :D
This little fluff-ball was waiting on my bed when I came home

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