Sunday, 8 July 2012

50 classic pieces one should own. Or should they?

I've seen this list going around in blogs for a while now and I thought I'd do my own checklist on it. These are the 50 classic pieces every woman 'should' have in their wardrobe. Easy pieces to combine with almost anything. 

Sometimes I tend to associate the word 'classic' with boring. I don't know where this prejudice comes from, but to me it's something un-individualistic, blend in the mass sort of dressing: something straight out of a Marc O'polo catalog. I consider few of my pieces classic, but lets see what I could check off the list.

So I do have tall boots and a leather handbag, but they're both bright red and embellished with buttons. Do they still count? Also the bag is huuge.
I do have a V-neck sweater and a few cardigans, but none of them are cashmere. I also do own couple black skinny jeans, but I barely ever wear them. I'm definitely more of a dress girl.

To get (or not to get) list:
Loafers: maybe some nice vintage ones, but generally I just think they look silly
Tortoise sunglasses: why tortoise? Black ones go with anything
Casual tote
Diamond and pearl studs: I wouldn't spend money on these myself, but if I got them as gift, I would wear them. 
Signet ring: These tend to look a bit too massive
Classic and long sleeve Tee
Striped Tee
Cotton oxford
Polo shirt: umm, no
Long wrap cardigan: might be nice in a 40's style design
Dressy tank and silk camisole
Black cigarette pants: Do navy blue swing pants count?
Khaki pants: khaki is one of those colors I really dislike
Striped pajamas: I toss and turn so much that when I wake up I resemble more of a penne pasta in my pajama
Denim jacket: so late 80's - early 90's
Navy wool blazer: does a black leather one count? No?


  1. That is a very interesting list. As for loafers, I practically live out of them when it comes to the 50s bobbysoxer look.


  2. I might like some vintage loafers, if I found them in the right colour. Actually I do have a pair of green 50's walkers that have a similar cut to loafers on the toe and I love them. The modern ones with the elongated toe however - hrr :D


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