Friday, 22 June 2012

Homeland traveling: Iittala

Mieheni äiti on taas käymässä Suomessa ystävätärensä kanssa, joten päätimme lähteä "tyttöjen" kanssa päiväretkelle Iittalaan ja Hämeenlinnaan. Iittalassa vierailimme tietenkin lasitehtaalla ja -myymälässä, sekä myymälän yhteydessä olevissa muissa, viehättävissä pikkuputiikeissa. Mukaani tarttui Iittalan Taikametsä -muki sekä pari Koko -lautasta. Koko reissusta on niin paljon kuvia, että jaan ne kahteen tai kolmeen postaukseen.


My hubby's mother and her friend are visiting Finland again, so we decided to do some homeland traveling with the girls. We drove to Iittala and Hämeenlinna. In Iittala there is a glass factory that we visited and the factory's outlet shop. The Iittala -products are very wanted and quite expensive too, so now that I had the chance I got one of their lovely cups for a little less than the regular price.  I have so many pictures I decided to make two or three posts.

Candle holders at a gift shop

Local chocolate

Crushed glass
There was also an exhibition on glass art made by the glass masters working in the factory


  1. I wanted to take a piece of Finland back with me when my trip to Helsinki ended and thought a piece of Iittala would just do it. Now everytime I see it, I just want to go back and spend a nice week there, see more of Helsinki and the rest of Finnland: Tampere, Turku and so on... I only wish Iittala wasn't that expensive, I would have loved to bring back more.

    I'm not sure if it is true but, I read that every Finnish family proudly owned a piece of Iittala, which reminded me of us a little bit. For us Paşabahçe (a Turkish glass manufacturer.) is more or less the same.

    I'm sorry that the comment seemed a little irrelevant to what you wrote, but I just wanted to share it because I miss those days too much and you blog always reminds me of the nice time I spent in your country + great taste of all things vintage

  2. Thank you, Pirpir, for sharing your memory. It's always nice to read and hear other people's experiences :)

    And I think it might just as well be true what they say about Finns and Iittala -glasses. It's a very popular gift when someone throws a housewarming party or gets married or graduates etc...


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