Monday, 30 April 2012

On the esker

Teimme eilen pienen pyöräretken sunnuntain ratoksi tarkoituksenamme käydä Pyynikin tornilla munkkikahveilla. Meiltä on tornille oikeastaan vain parin kilometrin matka, mutta koska Pyynikin torni sijaitsee pyynikin harjulla, keskellä metsää, on suurin osa matkasta ylämäkeä. Kiivettyämme mäen päälle saimme todeta, että munkkikahvilan jono ylsi taas tapansa mukaan monta metriä oven ulkopuolelle, joten nappasimme vain jäätelöt viereisestä kioskista ja lähdimme etsimään näköalapaikkaa metsistä.


We took a small bicycle trip yesterday meaning to go the sightseeign tower of Pyynikki and have their infamous coffee and doughnuts. Although it's only couple kilometres away from our home, the The tower is located on top of an esker in the middle of the forest, so it's mostly uphill. We climbed the hill just to realise the queue to the café was like 10 meters long, so we just grabbed ice creams from the kiosk and went in to the forests to look for a sight seeing cliff.

Before taking the final climb, we sat down to take a breath. I wanted to try my new polarisation filter by taking pictures of the sky. It really deepens the blue of the sky when usually it just burns. The down side is that if the sun hits the filter in a right angle, it seems to make flares (see the orange dot)
The spring has been very cold and rainy and we don't even have leaves on the trees yet, but the forests were full of these common hepatica flowers.
Wonder what that was for

We also saw ducks bathing in the middle of the forest
And met mr. Squirrel as well. He was staring at us funny.
A lot of people come here to run the stairs for exercise

That's us. It was only 13 Celsius degrees and that crazy man left only wearing his T-shirt while I'm wearing a scarf and all. I also couldn't keep my face straight, because the sun was shining in my eyes, hence the squinting.

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