Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A girl can never have too many shoes

Have I told you how much I love Miss L Fire? Well, a lot! It didn't take long for me to click these babies in to the shopping cart and have them on their way to my closet when I noticed they we're on discount on Amazon. Unfortunate for me they only had size 6 left, when I usually would need half size bigger. Fortunately I learned this fabulous trick from the Beauty Department on how to stretch leather shoes. Just soak your socks, twist dry and pull on your shoes. Wear them around for a while and let the humidity work the leather. It took me only like an hour and the shoes already feel a lot better, but I intend treat them once more for comfort.

That's me with my wet socks :D

And they make my feet look so tiny

Sorry about all the cat hair floating around. That's what you get for moving the furniture around.
I try to stay away from plastic shoes and only buy genuine leather. It's more pliable and it forms in to the shape of my foot. I've become very conscious about discomfort and I absolutely hate uncomfortable shoes. What could be worse than constant ache on your toe. Although sometimes a girl is compelled to make sacrifices for style...


  1. Harmi kun kirjoitat englanniksi kun en sitä kovin hyvin ymmärrä... =(

  2. Koitan jaksaa aina kirjottaa sekä suomeksi että englanniksi, mutta nyt loppui puhti :D Jatkossa luipaan panostaa enemmän


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