Friday, 16 March 2012

Mad Men -challenge: Finished garment

Valmista tuli! Pakoilin oikeita töitä keskittymällä omiin hömpötyksiini ja sainkin mekon nopeasti valmiiksi. 
Päätin kuitenkin säilyttää mekon venemäisen pääntien tajuttuani, etten oikeastaan omista yhtään venepääntiellä varustettua vaatetta. Lopputulos ei ole ihan yhtä leveä kuin alkuperäisessä mallissa, muuten rintsikan olkaimet olisivat jääneet näkyviin. Muokkasin yläosaa varten 50-luvun rantahaalarin kaavaa, helmaosan tein melkein suoraan hameen peruskaavasta. Muutin vain etukappaleen muotolaskokset pehmeiksi laskoksiksi. Lyhensin myös hieman helmaa alkuperäisestä ja lisäsin kokonaisuuten vyön, no, koska vyöt on kivoja ja minusta se viimeistelee mekon kivasti.
Olen todella tyytyväinen lopputulokseen, ja etenkin yläosa istuu kuin hansikas. Kangaskin pääsee kivasti oikeuksiinsa yksinkertaisessa mallissa.


It's finished! I was avoiding real work by concentrating on my own projects, so I was able to finish this dress rather quickly. 
I decided to keep the boat neck line on the dress after I realized I didn't own any dress with this type of neck line. It's just not quite as wide as the original or my bra straps would have shown. I used a 50's play-suit pattern for the bodice and the skirt I made from a basic skirt block. I only replaced the front darts with pleats. I also made the skirt a little shorten than the original and added a belt, well, because I like belts and I think it finishes the garment nicely.
I'm very please with how this dress turned out. the bodice fits like a glove and the simple style of the dress compliments the bold pattern of the fabric.

First lets have a look at the inspiration photo:

This dress has a quite wide boat neck line and there seems to be a waist seam. Darts are most likely placed on the waist. The skirt is slightly below the knee and judging by the other picture I had of this dress, there are small pleats on the waist of the skirt. I couldn't find any picture of the back so I had to improvise that part.

I fitted the dress over some authentic vintage shape wear so now I'm forced to wear that every time I wish wear the dress :D

Since the front is so "closed" I wanted to make the back a little more open.
Sorry about my poor hair do :D


  1. Wow. Näin nopeasti jo ja noin upeaa?? Ooh.

  2. Oi, kuinka kaunis!!

  3. OMG!! I love yopur dress so much! what a great job!

  4. Oh wow! Your dress is beautiful. Stunning!

  5. It is a beautiful dress! Totally classy and adorable

  6. Wow that dress, the fabric, your hair, PERFECT.

  7. WOW! This is STUNNING! I love your stylized photos! How impressive that you took the extra step to wear era-appropriate shapewear with this!

  8. This is really lovely! Beautiful job!

  9. It's perfectly lovely! Beautifully made. This has been such a fun dress challenge, hasn't it?

  10. Your mad men dress turned out gorgeous, you rock it! This was a super fun challenge, I can't wait for the next one!

  11. Thanks girls! :)
    I had so much fun with this challenge and I especially loved seeing everyone else's designs.

    Bri, you should definitely check out the That's Sew Cinematic -challenge. You can find the link on the right side bar of this page :)

  12. Stunning! What pattern did you use?

  13. I used a 50's playsuit -pattern from a German sewing magazine for the bodice, but I modified it quite a bit. I drafted a basic skirt block for the skirt and turned the front darts into open pleats.

  14. Wow, you look absolutely fabulous and sooo bang on with the dress, the hair do, the poses!

    Well done! Really!!


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  15. Beautiful!!! Mad me want to make one at once. Great fit, and I love the lapped zipper detail. I am now a new follower, and you are welcome to follow back:)

    1. Thank you! I took a peek at your blog too, lovely! :)

  16. Gorgeous dress - fits like a dream - great job!


  17. Featured on SSB ❀


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