Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Latest project: Swing trousers

Valmistin asiakkaalle 40 -luvun henkisiä leveälahkeisia housuja ja vaikka itse sanonkin, niistä tuli niin kivat, että tottahan halusin itselleni samanlaiset. Olen aiemmin suhtautunut housuihin inhonsekaisin tuntein, koska 1) näin pitkälle ei kaupasta tahdo sopivaa löytyä, vaan niissä joko a) jää vyötärö liian alas, jolloin puristavat mahasta tai b) lantiolla jäävät niin alas, että rekkamiehen hymy vilkkuu ja koska 2) Olen aiemmin yrittänyt kaavoittaa vain sellaisia makkarankuori -housuja, joita on todella vaikea saada istumaan täydellisesti.

Mutta nytpä kyseessä olikin melko väljät  ja leveälahkeiset housut, joissa haarakin saa olla hieman pudotettu ja kivathan niistä tuli. Joudun tosin ehkä pidentämään lahjetta parilla sentillä, jos meinaan käyttää näitä korkkareiden kanssa.


I was making a pair of 40's style swing trousers for a customer and even though I'm saying this myself, they turned out quite nicely so of course I had to have a pair for myself as well. Until now I have threaded wearing trousers because 1) for someone as tall as me it's quite hard to find fitting pants, because a) the body rise is too short and the waist band ends up around my navel being too tight or b) low cut trousers are waaay too low showing my butt crack and because 2) I have only tried making these kinds of "sausage peel" trousers, which are very hard to get to fit perfectly.

Well this time the trousers are slightly loose and have wide legs and dropped crotch and surprisingly they turned out great. I'm just going to have lengthen them a little, if I intend to wear them with heels.

Sorry about the horrible image quality. One of my lights died and I haven't gotten around to changing the bulb.

Btw. I was thinking about putting these up for sale as a made-to-measure item in either linen-rayon blend (of which my trousers are made of) or thin cotton twill. What do you think? Yay or nay?


  1. Where did you get the pattern for this or even think about the shape...I would love to make swing pants for Lindy Hopping but cant find any patterns? Thanks'

    1. I drafted the pattern to these trousers myself using the German pattern making system. You might be able to find something from Vogue, Burda or McCall's or try your luck with vintage 40's patterns :)


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