Friday, 27 May 2016

Ompelimon poistomyynti siivouspäivänä 28.5.2016

Siivouspäivänä 28.5. tyhjennääme Evil Dressmakerin kanssa yhteistä ateljeetilaamme. Myyntiin tulee niin kankaita, omlpelutarvikkeita, poistuvia malleja, vintagea kuin second handiakin. Ovet ovat auki klo 10-14. Tervetuloa penkomaan! :)

 Ateljee löytyy osoitteestä Lähteenkatu 11 N Tampere. 
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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sneak-a-peek to the sewing room

Here's a little video I made with my boyfriend. He operated the camera and I cut and put it together. It's a video to show one of my dresses coming together and to life in my sewing room.
Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Vapriikki Vintage Tampereella 23.-24.1.

On taas se aika vuodesta, kun Vapriikki Vintage täyttää Museokeskus Vapriikin toinen toistaan upeammalla vintageaarteella.
Myös minä olen jälleen paikalla ihanien mekkojeni kera. Mukana on myös muita asusteita kuten turbaanihattuja ja huiveja.

Tapahtuma on maksuton ja avoinna sekä lauantaina että sunnuntaina klo 11-18. Nähdään siellä! :)

Tuosta vielä paivän ohjelma sekä linkki facebook -tapahtumaan

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Recap: 2015 in pictures

Happy New Year! I hope your New Years celebrations were glamorous.
I spent the New Year in Stockholm with my boyfriend dancing lindy hop at the Snowball.

I thought I'd make a little compilation of the year 2015 with my most liked Instagram photos. So here you go:

I got to see the nature's beauty when visiting my grandparent's place in the north. It was super cold and everything was covered in frost that glimmered like tiny diamonds in the sun. I also witnessed an amazing display of northern lights here in my home town

I also of course did some knitting and sewing

As well as baking and cooking

I also had the best travel year so far traveling the world with my boyfriend. We did Prague in Czech Republic, Copenhagen in Denmark, Amsterdam in Netherlands and Washington DC, Cape May and Colorado in USA and spent the New Years eve in Stockholm,Sweden

I hope your year was at least as awesome as mine. May this year bring a lot of new adventures as well :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Season Sale has started!

Hi guys!
I have put up a seasonal sale on my Etsy shop and web shop. These styles and many more are now 25% off! 
Prices have already been marked down, no need for a discount code.
Sale goes on until the 23rd of January.

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